Ink & Paper

There is one element that calls it more above the rest for each artist. For some of them are watercolours, oil, gouache, crayons. For me, it is the ink. I feel a particular affinity with this mysterious black liquid that creates unexpected shapes and immerses me deep on an artistic journey.

My ink adventure did not start well at first. I wanted to use it as is usually done in the Inktober Art Challenge by Jake Parker: creating detailed illustrations with lines, shadows and excellent control of the strokes. This created a lot of stress and made me feel let down by not creating what I wanted.

But that changed when I met other artists who use ink differently: letting it flow.

A whole new world opened up before me: full of improvisation, calmness, simplicity and moments of creation. I fell so in love with ink that it has become my primary material to create. A material that allows me to express my feelings, fears and dreams.

Once you start with the ink, you explore a path with multiple possibilities.  I have experimented with black ink, also adding white ink, pencils, metallic inks, acrylic and even painting in black paper.

I invite you to discover the ink with me and feel your creativity flow, with my first class on ink in Skillshare. You can watch the introduction in the following video and sign up for the course through this link.