Mystical and dreamy art

Earth is a beautiful place, and the universe, an ocean of mysteries and wonders. We have a deep connection that links these two things — a relationship with nature and the hidden energies that live in there.

My name is Isa Cienfuegos, and I am a Spanish creator based in a small town facing the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea, in the province of Alicante. 

Feeling connected with nature and the flowing of the universe, I paint artworks with feelings and sensations, trees and animals, spirits and abstracts landscapes. A fascinating alternative vision for those who search the mysteries of the world we walk in every day, kindred souls with an inner child that loves grabbing a pack and a pair of boots to explore outdoors, and adventurers that love stargazing at night, dancing in the rain or walking barefoot on the forest.

Nature provides us with fantastic and pure things that can put a smile in our faces or makes us feel better just watching or holding them. Still, sometimes, we are blinded by modern society, where buildings are planted instead of trees, and where noise doesn’t let us listen to the birds or appreciate the calmness in a landscape. 

My Dreams by Isa Cienfuegos

With my art, I travel back to that calmness and our forgotten roots: to the use of primary materials, handcrafted art and tools; to a world of chaos and order, storms and serenity.

I’ve always felt this deep connection with nature, with its slow rhythm, the salty breeze of the sea, the rough textures of rocks and trees, and the flow that makes the Earth spin.

Through art, I share these powerful feelings with other people, and allow them to pause, observe, and feel that connection that everyone has inside of them as human beings born from space dust.

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